The Firebee Story

The Firebee brand grew out of my own kitchen. I'm a married mother of three beautiful kids. I grew up in a large family with 7 siblings where the dinner table was the center of our world. Family, faith, and food have always been important to me and I love making meals that everyone can enjoy.

A while back I had a wild idea for making a product that could transform a regular stove into a giant griddle. With the help of my husband and our business partner we made it a reality and launched the Steelmade Flat Top. It's been a wild ride with the success of our first kitchen product and we finally had time to work on our next project: spicy honey. 

It's a crazy combo but it's been a staple of our meals for years. It's truly addictive and we often use it for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. We've even been known to bring our own bottle out to eat with us!

We're excited to bring you one of our family favorites. Please let us know what you're putting Firebee Spicy Honey on by tagging us on instagram and facebook!

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